TripAdvisor Certificate of “Excellency 2016”!

At Sendaviva we are proud to announce that just a few days ago we were awarded the Certificate of Excellency 2016 by the TripAdvisor portal, the biggest travel website in the world. We appear in the Places of Interest category, making us a must-see benchmark for anyone visiting Navarre.

This certificate has been awarded since 2010 and acknowledges the quality, quantity and innovation of the opinions sent in by all of you travellers to TripAdvisor over the past twelve months. In order to get this, a minimum overall score of four out of five is required, as well as a minimum number of opinions generated and a TripAdvisor profile that is over a year old.

The winners of the Certificate of Excellency are distributed all over the world. Of the 26,621 companies honoured with the Certificate this year, 65% are restaurants (17,281), there are 5,221 winning hotels, and 4,119 places of interest.

We are thrilled with the acknowledgement, because it is based directly on the personal opinions of travellers that comment and score us on TripAdvisor. It is a clear sign that the people that visit us have a good time, enjoy themselves and consider us to be a quality park, because they then recommend it to other people for a visit” states Rubén González, Sendaviva Manager.
Your opinions are highly valued! We need you to keep improving each day and to offer a quality product.

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