School visits

Visitas Escolares

Sendaviva offers a wide educational programme adapted to each school year so that students can gradually discover the environment in a reflexive, participative and fun way.

Over a 7-hour visit, students will be amazed with the over 800 animals and 200 different species. They will enjoy the more than 30 attractions, such as Tubing, the Bobsleigh and the Water Maze. And they will have fun watching the breathtaking shows such as the flight of the birds of prey.



Accompanied by an educational monitor, and always in small groups, the Centre will take students on a walking tour around the chosen Trail, giving them the chance to learn about the curiosities, characteristics and anecdotes of the species as well as the ecosystems where they live.


For all Centres that wish to expand their knowledge of Nature. The students, accompanied by our monitor, can experience and discover first-hand the beauty of their surroundings.

The aim is to encourage students to familiarise themselves with environmental knowledge in a reflective and participative way.


Sendaviva also includes interactive activities within the school programme.

Student can get to know and learn about the characteristics of the animals that live in the park, by becoming animal keepers for the day, or by interacting with them more directly.